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The building blocks of a creative sustainability strategy

Sustainability can be seen as a disruptive technology, breaking into the business world and pushing leaders of organizations large and small to think more meaningfully beyond the bottom line or what’s also called the “triple bottom line” – profit, people, and planet.

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How To Stop Meeting Fatigue And Being Overbooked

Before Zoom fatigue there was meeting burnout. The more responsibilities you have, the busier you become. The running joke I hear often from my clients is that if you have a calendar flooded with meetings, you must be in management. Now, a year into the pandemic, things somehow got worse for everyone — more back-to-back calls, double-booked meetings and too many check-ins that could have been handled over emails. All of this doesn’t give us enough time to get work done nor just be ourselves.

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InnovatorsBox Backstage – Wrapping Up

Thank you so much for going on this journey together with us in the past few months in going backstage to learn more about our team and their journey to creativity. This has been a heartwarming process for me to create as much as it has been for you to read and learn about our team. What I love the most about the work we get to do at InnovatorsBox is the amazing people I get to work with every day and I’m so happy you got to go behind the scenes and meet some of the incredible people we have at InnovatorsBox.

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Putri understands creative storytelling. When we first e-meet and started collaborating I appreciated how she took my ideas fully to a new level. I loved her animation and storytelling so much that our one-time project quickly turned into a regular collaborative effort.

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It’s me! I wanted to go last since you see enough of my introductions in many of my blogs. But there are still some layers to why I do what I do that I’d like to share with you, and I’m incredibly grateful for all of you for being part of this journey of sharing creativity in your life.

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Creativity and Innovation

The Difference Between Strategy And Tactics And How To Use Them Effectively Together

When you play a board game, we’re using a combination of strategy and tactics to win. Let’s take Checkers. When you play checkers you’re thinking strategically — Which pieces should I move first? Which piece is my opponent going to move next? If I skip them now, will that put me in a position to be skipped even more? And you’re also playing tactfully by actually moving the pieces.

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On Leadership

8 Creative & Sustainable Innovators You Should Follow For Earth Day (PART 1)

It’s no news that online shopping has been supercharged by the pandemic overall. But it’s not all glory for all retails and outlets. There’s been some obvious winners, like Jeff Bezos’ behemoth has emerged stronger than ever. But we also had a lot of small businesses and retail chains that weren’t as fortunate and those include businesses that failed to fully embrace online shopping and relied heavily on physical presences.

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Newsletter: Top Picks

The best is yet to come

I forgot that Day Light Savings began last Sunday. I woke up feeling extra hungry and tired but did not know why. It was only halfway through lunch in the afternoon that I realized what had happened.

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Creative Resilience and Empathy

Leading By Compassion: 5 Ways to Prevent Burnout

Feeling tired and stressed is one thing, but when you and your team start feeling like every meeting is pulling teeth, lunch breaks become a thing of the past, and weekdays blur into weekends – it’s a sign of burnout.

Even if targets are met, you start to see usually enthusiastic team members go flat. They may even get cynical about the job behind closed doors.

The bottom line is, burnout is bad for business, yourself, and your team.

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Simple but mindful steps to overcome the bias that we might not be resilient.

Our Assumptions about Resilience
When you think of resilient people, who comes to your mind? People whose perseverance led them to make it against all odds? Or those who went through all kinds of trials and tribulations and got awarded with sweet success? Are you thinking about those who are able to bounce back, failure after failure, mistake after mistake? Does it remind you of outliers (Malcolm Gladwell), grit paragons (Angela Lee Duckworth) or originals (Adam Grant)?

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What shifting to remote workplace taught us

If you told me in January 2020 that I’ll get to experience new possibilities on any of this I would have said impossible. Now in just a year, not only have I seen how it’s possible but also the immense impact there can further be if we continue to intentionally invest and design with care.

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5 Actions You Can Take To Celebrate Women’s History Month

So you’ve heard about Women’s History Month, but how can you translate these empowering messages and lessons into action that you can take today?

At Innovator’s Box, we’ve used our platform to celebrate women innovator voices, while highlighting the importance of showcasing diversity within women’s stories.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
well being & mental health

Protecting The Mental Well Being Of Your Employees

It’s been a tough couple of years, hasn’t it? Did you know that 4 in 10 adults have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder? Before the pandemic, this stood at 1 in 10 adults. This statistic alone shows that more people are struggling than they ever have been.

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