Introducing Innovator’s Kitchen

Strawberries and Balsamic? Sounds odd!

Bananas and spaghetti? Weird.

Mac & Cheese with pickles? Err, maybe not!

Such unlikely pairings! But wait, do we really know that those combinations don’t go together? Not everything makes sense from the get-go, like PB&J, at first. What if they did!?

Why we’re upgrading our website

If you’ve been following InnovatorsBox’s journey, you’ll have noticed that as the world turned upside down with COVID and the meaning of how we work and live changed, we pivoted fast and sharp.

The pandemic brought us on an abrupt halt and ushered in a new era of remote work as our offices and workplaces were shut down until unforeseeable future. And as someone who used to travel a lot and conduct business in physical spaces, this change and digital transformation meant that we needed to be creative about how we pivot and rethink what our future may look like.