Beyond the Box | Creative Asian Innovators

Growing up as an Asian-American, I’ve struggled with what it means to be me – Am I too Asian? Am I too American? Why can’t I just be me? And what does it mean to innovate in your voice? Like all the past Beyond the Box series at InnovatorsBox, I’m excited to untangle how identity influences how we innovate and how you continue to pave new paths even if you don’t see someone who looks like you.


Great music is powerful. And as someone who gets a lot of inspiration from music, I’ve always wondered – why aren’t there more songs that tell how we feel as innovators, leadership, culture and team development? I’ve learned so much from powerful poetic and creative songs. It taught me lessons in life, love, relationships, friendship, and even mental well being. And while I adored the BTS, Disney Classics and Stromae that told a story, I realized one thing in common – best music is born out of real experience that one may have go through and if I’m hungry to find more songs that reflect a journey of innovators then we should create one