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How to Survive Being the Newbie at Work Based on Netflix Shows

Landing a new job is an exciting experience filled with opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Whether you’re a recent college graduate, have been in the same career field for years, or are trying out a new profession, being the “newbie” at a company is not always an easy adjustment. As a young professional entering a completely new career field, this is something I am adjusting to and trying to figure out how to navigate for my future self.

I’ve realized there are countless benefits and growth opportunities to being the new hire, but aspects like adapting to the company’s values, regulations, culture, and befriending new co-workers can make getting a new job feel quite daunting. Luckily for us Netflix enthusiasts, there are some great series out there that have not only given its users countless hours of entertainment and comic relief but also some guidance in navigating a new work environment.

Learn From Different Generations

Mel, a nurse, leaves the big city of LA to find herself and heal. When moving to a small town, she takes a new job working for a small family doctor. Doctor Mullins comes off as an old grumpy man who does not want her help and instead, they clash about having different ways of doing the same practices. As a result of being underappreciated when Doc Mullins repeatedly states he does not want her, she quits. 

Key takeaway from this episode is that generational differences in the workplace can make collaboration more difficult, however, it is important to find ways to overcome it, be creative, and find ways to meet in the middle. The differences may stand out too much ‘in the moment’, but you can learn a lot from co-workers from different generations. Older generations often bring a plethora of experience in their fields and ample advice to offer. While younger generations have innovative ideas and practices, being patient with one another and working together can lead to a very successful workplace environment.

Stand Up For Yourself

In this episode, Jess, an elementary school teacher who loves her job in all previous episodes and is generally optimistic, is extremely stressed and overwhelmed. She is trying to help her best friend, Cece (who is marrying one of her roommates) move her belongings into the loft apartment. But at the last-minute, her new boss tells her that she must finish the school’s budget by the morning. She springs this on her because she does not want to do the work herself. Cece gets annoyed, and she calls Jess’s new boss and quits for her. 

Anyone can learn from an experience like this to never let upper management take advantage of you and to stand up for yourself. Just because someone is given the position, title and authority that makes them your “boss”, does not mean they’re entitled to be disrespectful. In this episode, Jess is too scared to stick up for herself so her best friend must do so.

Develop Relationships with Coworkers

The entire series of Emily in Paris is great for anyone new to a work field, as Emily is a young American girl hired by a marketing company based in Paris expected to bring an American perspective with her. Throughout the series, she overcomes a lot of obstacles – both professional and personal. In this specific episode, the lesson is to stay loyal to your coworkers. Her workweek becomes dramatic and messy when she gets the blame for the cancellation of the fashion show. Julian and Luke, her two co-workers/ friends who guide her throughout the series say to her, “Emily we will never desert you,” and Emily replies with “Thanks guys, I wouldn’t have lasted the week without you.” 

Whether you’re new to a job or have been there for some time, it’s always a welcoming feeling when you have someone you can trust and turn to for advice when work-life becomes difficult. This helps create a sense of ‘safe space’ at work so you can continue to show up authentically as you.

Prove Yourself

In the first show, they introduce a new realtor, Chrishell, to a preexisting popular reality group in California. The realtors are clicky, competitive, and dramatic. When Chrishell is introduced, the viewers feel the comfort suddenly shift in the office as she seems different compared to the other girls.

Chrishell is a great example of what should be done. She’s pleasant, friendly, and appreciative of her coworkers who try to introduce her to the company despite their differences. Unlike the rest of the team, she grew up in an underprivileged environment, so she has a desire to fit in. She uses this as a motivation to work hard and prove herself capable of succeeding in this new environment. This is important for anyone beginning a new job to keep in mind: show the company why they chose you out of all applicants and what value you offer to their team.Regardless of how hot the water might be, you can come out stronger than when you walked in.

Don’t Step on Colleague’s Toes

This entire series is a great example of how younger generations function in the workplace, as it’s filled with passion, drama, and constant growth opportunities. In this episode, Josh, a wealthy tech creator, decides to get an assistant, adding another member to his existing team, which includes a personal chef, housemaid, and publicist. The existing workers are not pleased to hear this. And when they begin working with the new assistant, the patience runs thin. The new, young and competent assistant tries to prove himself to his boss by doing everyone else’s job too. This frustrates the existing team and they make a plan to get him fired.

A major takeaway from this episode is that regardless of how capable you may be, don’t land a new job and try to make your coworkers look incompetent. While it’s important to work hard, there are plenty of ways to impress a new boss and prove yourself – and putting your coworkers down is not one of them. This erodes any chances of future collaboration and smooth teamwork.

How awesome would that be if binge-watching an entire Netflix series over the weekend can help you succeed in the workplace? But they can certainly help you gain new perspectives while also being entertained. These episodes have great lessons and bits of advice for those new in the workplace (but also for those who have held the same position for years). Many of these shows are entertaining, dramatic, funny, and full of examples that can be helpful in your professional success. It’s important to take a break from work sometimes, relax, and let Netflix inspire you. You may be getting more lessons from your favorite show than you thought if you paid attention.

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