How To Stop Meeting Fatigue And Being Overbooked

Before Zoom fatigue there was meeting burnout. The more responsibilities you have, the busier you become. The running joke I hear often from my clients is that if you have a calendar flooded with meetings, you must be in management. Now, a year into the pandemic, things somehow got worse for everyone — more back-to-back calls, double-booked meetings and too many check-ins that could have been handled over emails. All of this doesn’t give us enough time to get work done nor just be ourselves.

How To Reskill For Change By Learning How To Unlearn

Reflecting on the importance and art of reskilling — learning and unlearning — comes at a timely moment. The Covid-19 pandemic has permitted us to learn how important soft skills are, and, more importantly, increased our capability to adapt as fast as we can — which requires both the patience to learn and the humility to unlearn what we knew before. And as more jobs are opening up and more people are leaving jobs and launching new companies, it’s time to invest in our unlearning capabilities to reskill for change.