BLOG: Well Being & Mental Health

Best NonFiction Books All Innovators Should Read in 2021 (And Beyond)

Love to read? So do I! I consume books like they’re candy, especially now that I’m at home more and have the opportunity to learn even more. While I definitely love fiction and children’s books, non-fiction has the ability to scratch that curiosity itch on all things creativity, mindset, leadership and beyond.

Three things you can do to build trust and culture of innovation remotely

We’re finally starting to get ready to return to “normal”—whatever that means—after more than a year of working remotely while sheltering at home to reduce the spread of COVID-19. As the prospect of hybrid work becomes a reality for many, we decided to share some tips on ways we can build camaraderie, collaboration, and community while working remotely or in hybrid settings.

How To Use Solitude To Get Your Creativity Flowing

When you’re a CEO, an entrepreneur, or a business professional, you need a constant feed of mental energy and acuity to help you solve problems and produce creative, innovative ideas. But when you hit a brick wall and your well of inspiration seems to run dry, where can you turn to get back into your creative flow? The answer is you need some alone time and self-care. Solitude can help you reduce stress and get your creativity flowing so that you can keep doing what you do best, at your best.

Healthy Habits To Help Prevent a Burnout

Everyone reaches a point in their lives when they feel overworked, overwhelmed, loss of motivation, like their breaking point is right there- burnout. An upcoming assignment or even a conversation regarding intellectual information will just lead to an extreme emotional exhaustion.

The 7 Types of Self-Care For A New Normal

I used to cringe when I heard the phrase “self-care.”

To me, self-care was synonymous with overconsumption of “luxury” products and a way to make people – especially women – feel guilty about attending to our needs. I don’t have time to have a spa day Barbara Blogger! (not a real blogger, but you know what I mean).

Innovators Kitchen: Homemade Kimchi

Have you ever seen a food item that you didn’t recognize? A rush of curiosity (and sometimes fear) can overwhelm you as you ask yourself “Should I try it?” Oftentimes fermented foods, or foods that are processed using bacteria, are divisive for their pungent smells and flavors.

Leading By Compassion: 5 Ways to Prevent Burnout

Feeling tired and stressed is one thing, but when you and your team start feeling like every meeting is pulling teeth, lunch breaks become a thing of the past, and weekdays blur into weekends – it’s a sign of burnout.

Even if targets are met, you start to see usually enthusiastic team members go flat. They may even get cynical about the job behind closed doors.

The bottom line is, burnout is bad for business, yourself, and your team.

Innovator’s Kitchen: Simple Miso Soup

Do you know where your last meal came from? I’m not asking about the exact farm the ingredients came from, but I am asking how much thought went into the source of the meal and it’s ingredients.

What shifting to remote workplace taught us

If you told me in January 2020 that I’ll get to experience new possibilities on any of this I would have said impossible. Now in just a year, not only have I seen how it’s possible but also the immense impact there can further be if we continue to intentionally invest and design with care.