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Why We Created GIFs for Innovators

Creativity is often misunderstood to be manifested only through hands-on artistic output. I’m here to debunk that myth. Creativity is everywhere and is far beyond just painting, playing instruments, dancing to acting even though I love these domains as someone who is in music school at Berklee Music School pursuing my music business degree.


Great music is powerful. And as someone who gets a lot of inspiration from music, I’ve always wondered – why aren’t there more songs that tell how we feel as innovators, leadership, culture and team development? I’ve learned so much from powerful poetic and creative songs. It taught me lessons in life, love, relationships, friendship, and even mental well being. And while I adored the BTS, Disney Classics and Stromae that told a story, I realized one thing in common – best music is born out of real experience that one may have go through and if I’m hungry to find more songs that reflect a journey of innovators then we should create one


Does Listening to Music Stimulate Creative Thinking? There are many theories around the relationship between music and creativity. But we all know, and research has also shown, that listening to music can lower anxiety and improve our moods, overall. And tapping into positive thinking can foster breakthrough moments of creativity and could facilitate creative insights.

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