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Leading By Compassion: 5 Ways to Prevent Burnout

Feeling tired and stressed is one thing, but when you and your team start feeling like every meeting is pulling teeth, lunch breaks become a thing of the past, and weekdays blur into weekends – it’s a sign of burnout.

Even if targets are met, you start to see usually enthusiastic team members go flat. They may even get cynical about the job behind closed doors.

The bottom line is, burnout is bad for business, yourself, and your team.


Simple but mindful steps to overcome the bias that we might not be resilient.

Our Assumptions about Resilience
When you think of resilient people, who comes to your mind? People whose perseverance led them to make it against all odds? Or those who went through all kinds of trials and tribulations and got awarded with sweet success? Are you thinking about those who are able to bounce back, failure after failure, mistake after mistake? Does it remind you of outliers (Malcolm Gladwell), grit paragons (Angela Lee Duckworth) or originals (Adam Grant)?

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