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How To Reskill For Change By Learning How To Unlearn

Reflecting on the importance and art of reskilling — learning and unlearning — comes at a timely moment. The Covid-19 pandemic has permitted us to learn how important soft skills are, and, more importantly, increased our capability to adapt as fast as we can — which requires both the patience to learn and the humility to unlearn what we knew before. And as more jobs are opening up and more people are leaving jobs and launching new companies, it’s time to invest in our unlearning capabilities to reskill for change.

AAPI Spotlight: 4 Ways to Innovate More While Having Less Meetings (Even Remotely)

During Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, WBENC is celebrating the immense contributions Asian American and Pacific Islander women entrepreneurs have made to our nation and the WBENC network. Check back for more AAPI Spotlight posts this month, brought to you by the WBENC Women of Color Program. We invite you to champion and uplift AAPI voices with us this month.

8 Creative & Sustainable Innovators You Should Follow For Earth Day (PART 1)

It’s no news that online shopping has been supercharged by the pandemic overall. But it’s not all glory for all retails and outlets. There’s been some obvious winners, like Jeff Bezos’ behemoth has emerged stronger than ever. But we also had a lot of small businesses and retail chains that weren’t as fortunate and those include businesses that failed to fully embrace online shopping and relied heavily on physical presences.

What shifting to remote workplace taught us

If you told me in January 2020 that I’ll get to experience new possibilities on any of this I would have said impossible. Now in just a year, not only have I seen how it’s possible but also the immense impact there can further be if we continue to intentionally invest and design with care.

5 Actions You Can Take To Celebrate Women’s History Month

So you’ve heard about Women’s History Month, but how can you translate these empowering messages and lessons into action that you can take today?

At Innovator’s Box, we’ve used our platform to celebrate women innovator voices, while highlighting the importance of showcasing diversity within women’s stories.


//Originally published in The Renewal Project// The first time I heard the word “community building” I was a student. I remember wondering why the word building was important. As someone who loved being part of communities and contributing to them, I tended to think more about being a valuable participant and less about actually building a community. That has shifted for me through my work with InnovatorsBox.


What do you do when you become stuck solving a problem?
Search online. Read articles. Ask a friend. Reflect. Ask an expert. Or all of the above.

As an entrepreneur, I am always faced with solving new challenges and struggle with finding the right person to ask for advice. No matter what article I read or event I attend to sharpen my entrepreneurial skills, it never equals a five-minute heart-to-heart conversation with someone who is more experienced than I am. The challenge is the more successful someone becomes, the harder it is to get a 1:1 time with them.


Women on Top in Tech is a series about Women Founders, CEOs, and Leaders in technology. It aims to amplify and bring to the fore diversity in leadership in technology.

Here is our interview with Monica Kang, an Asian American entrepreneur based in Washington DC, who focused on empowering people with creativity. Monica is the CEO & Founder of InnovatorsBox.


Washington, D.C. is a city known for its power. Although it’s home to plenty of inspiring museums, it’s not usually a city known for its creativity.

Monica Kang wants to change that. She’s experienced the struggle between practicality and innovation firsthand as a former government affairs professional who felt creatively stifled.

Kang founded InnovatorsBox last year to nurture a community that empowers professionals to practice creative skills.

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