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Innovator’s Kitchen: 3 B Bevie Cocktail

On the third show of Innovator’s Kitchen, we celebrate Pride Month with the 3 B Bevie Cocktail, a celebratory drink concocted by Chef Eliza Martin herself. This cocktail plays off the marriage of 3 completely different flavors.

Innovators Kitchen: Homemade Kimchi

Have you ever seen a food item that you didn’t recognize? A rush of curiosity (and sometimes fear) can overwhelm you as you ask yourself “Should I try it?” Oftentimes fermented foods, or foods that are processed using bacteria, are divisive for their pungent smells and flavors.

Innovator’s Kitchen: Simple Miso Soup

Do you know where your last meal came from? I’m not asking about the exact farm the ingredients came from, but I am asking how much thought went into the source of the meal and it’s ingredients.

Introducing Innovator’s Kitchen

Strawberries and Balsamic? Sounds odd!

Bananas and spaghetti? Weird.

Mac & Cheese with pickles? Err, maybe not!

Such unlikely pairings! But wait, do we really know that those combinations don’t go together? Not everything makes sense from the get-go, like PB&J, at first. What if they did!?