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Celebrating Black Innovators this Black History Month – PART 1

It’s February. And it marks Black History Month – a month-long celebration that provides a platform for recognizing and celebrating the achievements and accomplishments of African Americans. Black History Month plays a key role in highlighting the integral part the black community has played and continues to play in US history and society. It gives us an opportunity to reflect on the past, present and future contributions of African Americans to our nation’s history.

Why We Created GIFs for Innovators

Creativity is often misunderstood to be manifested only through hands-on artistic output. I’m here to debunk that myth. Creativity is everywhere and is far beyond just painting, playing instruments, dancing to acting even though I love these domains as someone who is in music school at Berklee Music School pursuing my music business degree.

Avoiding “Rainbow-washing” & Innovating for Pride Month

On a scorching Summer’s night on June 28, 1969, police raided a gay club in New York called Stonewall Inn. This violent clash sparked weeks of protests, led by members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies, fighting for safe places where they could be themselves without fear of prosecution.

Innovator’s Kitchen: 3 B Bevie Cocktail

On the third show of Innovator’s Kitchen, we celebrate Pride Month with the 3 B Bevie Cocktail, a celebratory drink concocted by Chef Eliza Martin herself. This cocktail plays off the marriage of 3 completely different flavors.

Innovators Kitchen: Homemade Kimchi

Have you ever seen a food item that you didn’t recognize? A rush of curiosity (and sometimes fear) can overwhelm you as you ask yourself “Should I try it?” Oftentimes fermented foods, or foods that are processed using bacteria, are divisive for their pungent smells and flavors.

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