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Dear Workplace Podcast Highlights – Wrapping Up Season One, PART 2

The Dear Workplace is your safe space to untangle workplace questions. In each episode, the host & founder of InnovatorsBox, Monica Kang, talks with diverse executives, innovators, and experts across many different industries around the world to gain insights into a specific workplace trend or questions. You’ll pull out incredible insights and actionable tips to apply to your professional life. 

We have taken the time to intentionally share the summaries of our podcasts because we know the life of an innovator is busy. These summaries are great post-listen reflections to help the information sink in. They are also a way to get a sneak peak of what you missed if you got caught up mid-listen. Or, they can even just help you decide what episode to watch next!

As we wrap up season one, we wanted to share the key highlights and summaries of the past nine episodes in a 2-part reflection blogs. This is part 2 that covers the key highlights of episodes 15 to 18, and you can find the key highlights of episodes 11 to 14, including a bonus episode are covered in part 1.

Episode 15: No Such Thing as Stupid Questions

Published Aug 3, 2021 – 23 minutes

We’re all asking more questions these days, especially as we navigate this changing environment with the post-pandemic, where more uncertainties continue to lie ahead. Good questions are powerful door openers. The more we ask,the more we get to learn, be aware of, and wonder. Still, not all questions are equal. This is why in this episode I shared three stories that inspired me to deepen my understanding of the power of questions. 

In this episode, you’ll get actionable tips in asking better questions as well as understand the cultural and social nuances in doing so

“To ask more meaningful questions, you have to listen more. Instead of worrying about whether I am asking the right questions about the workplace, let’s listen more.” - Monica Kang.

Key Question: Any questions?

Guests From Episode:

  • Daniel Friedman, Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Davis & Complexity Co-Organizer, Complexity Weekend
  • Joo-Seuk Maing, Marketing Director, Bosch Corporation Japan
  • Cassandra Lane, Author of We Are Bridges & Editor-in-Chief, L.A. Parent Magazine

Episode 16: How to do More With Less

Published Aug 10, 2021 – 31 minutes

As entrepreneurs we’re always looking to organize, streamline, and increase productivity where we can. Especially now, resources are becoming more finite. Yet, some people seem to always do more with less. How do they do it? In this episode, I speak with four friends who always do a lot, but with ease. How can we rethink optimization, agility and innovation?

From marathon to 12-minute flow hacks, you’ll want to try a few things after this episode. These aren’t overnight processes but with the right mindset, it will change your life and improve your business.

“You’ve got to be willing and ready to adapt, and not just adapt in the year you’re in but you’ve got to be able to look a few years out.”

Key Question:Are you scheduling in true breaks for yourself?

Guests From Episode:

Episode 17: The Future of Work

Published Aug 17, 2021 – 13 minutes

What are some questions about the future of work we should be asking more? In this episode, we do things a bit differently. Instead of our typical multiple voice insight sharing episodes, I’m going to ask some questions and share some insights that I’ve been noticing in my research and conversations with others on the future of work. 

In our search of wanting to understand the HOW and WHAT of the future of work, we don’t explore enough WHY we feel or think about the future and wonder HOW that may influence our future. Out of this episode you’ll gain insight into being aware about the future without letting it overwhelm or confuse you.

“Whether you love to plan or don’t like to plan, we all can design and manifest the future of our work if we stay curious, courageous and creative.”

Key Question(s): How good are you at predicting the future? And does that really matter?

Guests From Episode:

Episode 18: Bonus – Advice for All

Published Aug 31, 2021 – 9 minutes

What helps people thrive at work no matter where they are? In today’s special bonus episode we reflect on all of our 90+ interviews in Season 1 of Dear Workplace to compile a collection of advice for you. How can you find the courage to be your best self in this complex, stressful world? You start one day at a time. Watch the full video at our InnovatorsBox YouTube channel here.

At the end of the day, we all want to be happy, appreciated, understood, valued, and grow. We want to grow personally, professionally, and together with a team. And it turns out that the journey to growth and happiness stems not just from company policies and colleagues but from oneselves.

“Whether you love to plan or don’t like to plan, we all can design and manifest the future of our work if we stay curious, courageous and creative.”

Key Question(s): How good are you at predicting the future? And does that really matter?


Season 1 of Dear Workplace was all about Adapting to Transform as we navigate how to embrace the chaos of the past few years and become happier, healthier, and more innovative at work. We want to take this opportunity to thank our guests (and friends) again for their time and expertise.

Want a summary of all the key insights? Stay tuned for our Reflection Blog.

Guests From Episode:


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