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Curious Monica Podcast Highlights – Wrapping Up Season One, Part 2

The Curious Monica podcast features candid conversations with innovators in thriving organizations across various industries. In each episode, host & founder of InnovatorsBox Monica Kang interviews her friends in diverse fields about what they do and why they love what they do. If you’re curious too, you’ll gain incredible insight into the workplace patterns and insights that can change the way you think about work, no matter what industry you’re in or who you are.

We have taken the time to intentionally share the summaries of our podcasts because we know the life of an innovator is busy. These summaries are great post-listen reflections to help the information sink in. They are also a way to get a sneak peak of what you missed if you got caught up mid-listen. Or, they can even just help you decide what episode to watch next!

As we wrap up season one, we wanted to share the key highlights and summaries of the past nine episodes in a 2-part reflection blogs. This is part 2 that covers the key highlights of episodes 13 to 18, and you can find the key highlights of episodes 9 to 12, including a bonus episode, in part 1.

Episode 13: Building Something From Scratch: Founders (Full-Time)

Published: August 5, 2021 – 36 Minutes

What REALLY goes on behind the scenes of founding a company full-time? With high risk and high reward, despite the never ending challenges every day, there are always new businesses opening somewhere in the world. Why do people start their businesses, and what helps them be a good entrepreneur? In this episode, we visit all your questions on being a full time founder.

No matter what industry or stage your business in, you will gain incredible insights into leadership, strategy, well-being, and serving your customers/community.

“If I want to really make a difference, I have to listen a lot, learn a lot, and work a lot on myself.”

Key Question(s): Hearing a bit about each of their journeys, what stood out to you? What are you hungry to learn more about as you start and build your businesses?

Guests from Episode:

  • Kevin Felix Chan, Co-Founder & CEO – Best Delegate Model United Nations
  • Nish Parikh, Co-Founder & CEO – Rangam Consultants Inc.
  • Hetal Parikh, Co-Founder & President – Rangam Consultants Inc.
  • Gary Hwang, Co-Founder – Gyuzo Japanese BBQ, Managing Partner & Franchisee Owner – BBQ Chicken
  • Ariana Gómez, Founder & CEO – Technology for Impact
  • Dave Dellacato, Strategic Managing Partner – Schooley Mitchell
  • Lumbie Mlambo, Founder & CEO – JB Dondolo, Inc.

Episode 14: Hustling With Purpose: Founders (Part-Time)

Published: August 12, 2021 – 34 Minutes

Over 25 million people in the United States have a part-time business. Can you love your day job and your part-time business? Yes! In today’s conversation I’m interviewing friends who love their day job, as well as their side businesses. How do they make time for what they do and how does working two jobs help them be who they want to be? When you hear their stories, you’ll come to view part-time entrepreneurs with more respect and appreciation. 

Whether you are here to be inspired to start your side hustle or are learning how your colleagues do that, this episode should inspire you to take more ownership of your work to create a larger impact and live a happier life.

“If you are going to do something, do it right. I don’t know how to spell mediocre.”

Key Question: How do you show your entrepreneurial mindset?

Guests from Episode:

  • Ashley Sutton, Marketing Director – Penguin Random House, Founder – Hustle & Hope Greeting Cards
  • Corey Ponder, Founder – Em|PACT Strategies |Strategic Partnerships, Instagram
  • Shaun Applegate-Swanson, Lead Data Scientist – CloudKnox Security | Co-Founder – Complexity Weekend

Episode 15: Communications With Sound: Working in Music

Published: Aug 19, 2021 – 43 Minutes

Great music moves people. But what does it take to be a musician and build a career in music? Today we caught up with Serin Oh and Luke Helder to learn about their music careers and why at the end of the day, how you invest in yourself as a person really matters. From the music they make at InnovatorsBox Studios, to the music they make together as a team, you’ll find a new charm and want to rethink how you show up each day.  

Whether you are in a music field or not, you’d relate very much to their stories, so I’m eager to dive in and be curious about their journey together with you.

“The strength in vulnerability is so much stronger than trying to lift everything by yourself. And that’s something I’m learning as a person and as a creative. There’s a reason you have all those gaps in you.”

Key Question: Why do you like music? Why do you listen to it?

Guests from Episode:

  • Serin Oh, Artists in Residence & Singer-Songwriter – InnovatorsBox
  • Luke Helder, Head Music Composer – InnovatorsBox

Episode 16: Go Far By Going Together: Community Builders

Published: August 26, 2021 – 37 Minutes

We are who we are today because of the people we surround ourselves with, our community. How do community builders become who they are? A community builder creates and maintains communities online and offline. What motivates them to build communities, and how do they find the courage to continue to speak up in the face of disagreements? In this episode, we speak with Maggie Chui and Bryan Pham from Asian Hustle Network, Derrin Slack from ProActIndy, and Avani Parekh from Facebook to represent voices and ideas.

“Everyone has a platform and everyone has a voice. Even if you share it and one person shares it, maybe that one person is influential and they can share it with their network.”

Key Question(s): What’s a community you’re a part of, or a community you would want to build?

Guests from Episode:

Episode 17: Humble Learning: What I Learned From Interviewing 90+ Innovators

Published: August 31, 2021 – 8 Minutes

Instead of our usual multiple story sharing of different innovators, I wanted to wrap up Season 1 by inviting you to take a moment to reflect with me on our journeys in life and discuss the lessons we’ve learned together after interviewing 90+ innovators. The more innovators I interviewed, the more I kept seeing a similar pattern. No matter where they worked, it was possible to find joy, growth, creativity, and abundance. The key was that you have to seek it, want it, and grow into it.

Upon reflection, these lessons reminded me of what professor Randy Pausch shared in his Last Lecture – never stop dreaming and working for it. What dream are you dreaming today, innovators?

“Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted"

Key Question: What do you really want in your career and life?

Episode 18: Bonus – What is Your Legacy (Advice Collection)

Published: , 2021 – Minutes

Why do you do what you do? What do you live for? In this episode, we went back through our 90+ conversations with innovators in Season 1 to learn more about why they live with intention and purpose. Out of this episode, I hope the insights will remind you about the possibilities of carving your own path as an innovator.

“You’re not alone. We’re all in this together and we’re more alike as human beings than we think. Continue to ask your questions and stay hungry to learn.”

Watch the full video on our InnovatorsBox YouTube channel.

Key Question: What is your legacy?

Season 1 of Curious Monica tells a very interesting story: no matter what industry you’re in, innovation, diversity & inclusion, creativity, and leadership are at its core. We want to take this opportunity to thank our guests (and friends) again for their time and expertise. Want a summary of all the key insights? Check out our Reflection Blog.

Season 2 will return in September with new industries and cultural development shifts with diverse global leaders.


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